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Classroom Barebacking

You won't encounter many porn scenes which involve the protagonists having a discussion about the geographical location of Libya, but don't let the cerebral aspect of this encounter between blond schoolboy fuck-babes, Jaden Fox and Jaxon Radoc, put you off. If it's any consolation — and as if to somehow maintain the stereotype of all models being stupid — Fox doesn't have a fucking clue where Libya is; but by the time the lad's giving Radoc a kiss as part of his forfeit we very much doubt that you'll give a flying fig whether the boys know their geography or not. For the fact remains that these are two of the sexiest young pups that you're ever likely to see on-screen, and all you'll be interested in we're quite sure is how soon they'll be out of their uniforms and into each other's pants! A turn of events that happens very quickly, we're pleased to report, leading to a prompt explosion of mutual cock-sucking and ass-rimming that will almost certainly send your pulse into overdrive. But matters take an even headier turn when the two youngsters take turns to screw each over the school-desks — first Aussie-boy Radoc banging away at Fox's ass, before the tables are turned (quite literally) and Fox gets a turn at Radoc's tight little fuck-hole. It's perhaps not surprising, given the level of intensity involved, that our boy from Down Under is soon nutting in full glory; though the highlight comes in the form of a splendid facial that leaves Radoc chin dripping with Fox's hot jizz!

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