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Caning from Arny & Alan

Alan Carly is our hapless tourist who is taken into Airport Security, where Arny Donan awaits him. Alan is brought in by Marek Borek who then makes him sit and he confers with Arny. Marek begins to inspect Alan's luggage, finding a few things that cause suspicion. This is enough for Marek to insist that Alan gets naked. As Marek inspects Alan's body Arny stands and comes round to stand next to them. Alan is made to turn and bend over, showing off his ass. Arny makes him kneel on a chair and, with his big balls dangling Alan feels them probe his ass with a nightstick and then start spanking him. Arny has a cane too which he uses on that ass and then on Alan's feet too. With Alan screaming out the guards ignore him, or tell him to shut up. Alan's ass gets so red, but Marek doesn't want to stop, he keeps spanking it. Then Arny starts pulling hairs out of Alan's back, causing him even more pain. We leave them there for now. But Arny and Marek have plans to go much further, later.

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