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Manhattan Manhandlers

The action is set in a construction site in Manhattan. I guess our men took the day off because I don't see one damn thing being constructed, though there is some major ass demolition going on. Ian fucks Jayson's face while Kasey pounds his hole with his long, thick, uncut Rican cock. Jayson loves getting it from both ends, and who wouldn't with a group of hot, horny muscle fuckers like this? The rest of the group hops in and hoses Jayson down. Zack Blunt takes over and slips Jayson his thick, dark, 8" meat. Ian is the next batter up. He sloshes around in Jayson's open hole and eats it before turning it over to Randy, who pounds it, then has the tables turned on him. Or should I say he winds up on the table with his ass in the air. Jayson eats Randy's ass while the rest of the crew pisses on Randy's crack, then all over Jayson and down his hungry fuckin' gullet. Jayson sucks some piss outa Randy's ass, then Jim shoots a big stream between Randy's cheeks.... [Continue reading...]

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