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At a glory hole, Cope gets tired of sitting on the toilet and jacking his big cock, so Nick Moretti steps aside to let him have a go at Jason Mitchell's hot ass while Mason jacks Jason's cock and whacks his own meat in the adjacent stall. Derek Anthony works his huge cock into a lather from watching all the man fucking and it starts to drip huge gobs of precum. Cope goes into the stall with Mason and Jason and pounds Mason's ass while Nick piston fucks Jason through the glory hole. That sends Derek over the edge, so he breeds Jason's ass through the glory hole. Nick catches Mason sitting on the toilet and pissing on himself, so he steps in and feeds him a hot load of man piss. Nick bends down and starts sharing spit with Mason when they spy a cock through the hole. They share a piss load from the loaded cock. Another piss-filled cock appears and delivers a big load of man piss, which they feast on together.... [Continue reading...]

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