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Robert Axel Pounds Christian Taylor

Robert Axel is on the couch when he hears his doorbell. He's not expecting anybody so he's been relaxing in his undies stroking his massive cock. He goes to the door in his boxers and sees little Christian Taylor standing their telling him about donations for school. All Robert can think off is fucking all the holes this College kid has to offer. Robert invites him inside to help with the donation but when he comes back with money he drops a condom and being the nice kid Christian is he bends down to pick it up and when he lifts his head the first thing he sees is a hard cock waiting for his mouth. He's shocked yet excited but also scared he could get into trouble. Robert assures him that if he sucks his dick he will be very generous with his donation. Christian forgets his troubles and takes the meat deep into his willing mouth.... [Continue reading...]

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