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Barebacked by a Security Guard

Jack Hunter thinks he sees a figure on his property, he calls security. Security officer Mark Long carries two big sticks: one on his belt and one in his pants, so as he investigates the situation over at Jack's address, he can't help but wonder if maybe there isn't a real problem at all, and that this is just some sort of ruse, and when Jack reaches out for his pants, Mark realizes what Jack really wants is the firm hand of authority to guide and protect him. Mark uses his nightstick to push Jack back onto the sofa, and then pulls out his meat stick and shoves it in Jack's mouth. Mark fucks Jack's mouth, placing his night stick around Jack's neck and pulling him in closer, gagging him with his hard on before taking off his uniform and bending Jack over, sliding his raw cock deep inside of Jack's waiting ass as he bends over.... [Continue reading...]

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