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Jaro's Gaping Hole

Jaro Grygar's cheeks are spread, so that his hole opens up real good. Next a vibrator is shoved deep into that ass. Jaro turns onto his back, legs up and his sexy ass on full view. A nice, thick vibrator is then pushed into that tight hole, stretching it real good. Jaro moans as his hole takes it. It gets fucked good and then opens up as the cheeks are spread. That vibrator goes in so easy, Jaro's ass is so relaxed as it takes it. The view, with the hole open is just so hot. Then Jaro turns onto his side and wanks himself as the smaller vibrator fucks him some more. His cock gets so hard, throbbing in his hand as he shoots his hot cum all over his left leg. His massive load makes a real mess on the bed to

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  • Added: Feb 25, 2014 11:35am
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