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Piss from The Ass Wrecker

Jayson Park has gotten O.M.F.G.'s cock hard and wet with his talented mouth. Now it's time to get fucked by that huge black cock. It takes Jayson a few minutes to get used to having such a huge piece of meat in his hole. But after his ass stretches enough, O.M.F.G. starts plowing Jayson's hole deeper than any cock has gone before. O.M.F.G. pulls his big cock out of Jayson's dripping wet hole and makes Jayson use his mouth to clean the ass juices off of his massive cock. Jayson gets back up into the sling for some more fucking. This time, he takes it from behind doggie style. After O.M.F.G. totally destroys Jayson's hole, O.M.F.G. soaks Jayson down with some piss before shooting a load on his face. Jayson eats that creamy cum and jerks off his own big nut all over his furry belly. Jayson was so well fucked he could barely walk off the set after this scene was shot. Poor little piggy.

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  • Added: Apr 15, 2014 8:00am
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